Fundraising Campaign Starts Now : Recording With Jack Endino

D.O.G.S. Launches Fundraising Campaign For Recording With Jack Endino

Aug.31, 2015

We have launched fundraising campaign for our upcoming recording session with Jack Endino (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mudhoney etc.) on IndieGoGo, as of yesterday.

Here's the link to IndieGoGo site.

It has been long since our last update on our upcoming recording session in Seattle with Jack Endino, But it's finally set, it's official. We are going to record an album with Jack Endino in November.

We will announce more details about it on our next updates, but firstly, we would like to share this campaign with all of you loyal fans and friends of ours worldwide.

The full story and the rewards are on our campaign page on IndieGoGo (link above), but the long story short ...   We ain't got enough money. (!!!)

Though everything is set now and there's no turning back nor cancellation, and each of us have been working our asses to save up enough money for this big opportunity...   But as we came to realize, we are not going to reach our financial goal ourselves, We are not going to have enough money to book enough studio time to make a full-album, with just our own budget. 

The reasons why we have decided to launch this fundraising campaign are, for one, honestly speaking - to cover up the cost of our trip to Seattle from Japan, and the cost of the recording, a.k.a. studio time.
After the culculations, we've figured - the amount of money we will have by the time of flying could only be enough to book few days in the studio, which wouldn't be enough time for us to make a full-album. (by the term full-album means at least 10 to 12 songs, and not just 3-5 songs EP.) Yes we simply have more than enough songs we want to record, and an EP really wasn't our option. - We really want to make an album.  Because, Just think about it - We are from Japan, it just costs a lot for us to just go there...  and we can't do that often.  If we're gonna go there to make an EP this time, then What? Will we come back and start saving money again and go back to Seattle to make another EP in... next year? No, No, No...  We are gonna get this done, this one time.  Because you all know, Time won't fucking wait.  The time is NOW. We have to get it done NOW. simple as that... 

Reason #2, We have lost our previous drummer, Daiki. Yeah whatever the reason, he quit this band.  Months after this opportunity came through and we've decided to do this. Anyways, it turned out to be the best decision for both sides. It was good for him, and it was good for us. Since then we have found a new drummer...  we'll tell you more about him on our next update, but he's a great one, that we're very sure of. We are so very excited to meet up and jam with him in Seattle. (Note: It's NOT Dave Grohl, as some of you might or might not have expected... Sorry!)  So anyways, yes he lives up in Seattle. (Tacoma actually, but it doesn't really matter.) So we'll have to wait 'til we get there and meet him, then we're going to lock oursleves up in a rehearsal room for one week to practice all of these songs...  Then from the next week we'll be recording.  What an exciting thing to do!!  I bet there ain't much more Rock'n'roll thing than this.   But anyway, so for that extra one week time prior to the actual recording, we will have to find a place to sleep, eat, do this do that, and also we'll have to find our gears (amps and stuff). There might be some help from our friends up there, but of course it ain't a free ride. It costs. It also costs for the gas. for the van, for transportations.

AND there's reason #3, probably more importantly...   We want to have everything set, not just for the recording. It's certainly better to have this experience documented on films, movies and photos. (We are going to make a "Making Of" documentary DVD kind of thing - It's going to be RARE!!!) And Of course, after the recording, We are going to need a mastering, then duplicate, and it finally becomes a CD.  And we will promote it to big record companies, labels, radio stations, whoever. So that it will get released and distributed world-wide, unlike our previous albums that still remain unheard and unknown to the masses.
And We also want to make our original T-shirts. Our original guitar picks. Maybe original knit-caps or neck-ties, and socks... But I guess that's too far. Nobody's gonna buy it. But the T-shirts is a must. There have been A LOT of people who asked us about the T-shirts, but we never had it before.  And we thought, it's a great chance for us to raise money for the recording, and for the T-shirts and all of that, too. One stone, Two birds. That's what we say in Japan.  So that we'll have money to do all of that, and those who contributed, will get those things in return.  What's not to like?

So Please, Take a moment everyone, please check out the site and pick your contribution...   Every contribution counts!!!  We will thank you all for the rest of our lives.  We believe, that this could really change our lives...    And it could change yours too forever.



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