Falling Down (Suicide) (Demo)

Listen To The Demo Version Of "Falling Down (Suicide)"

Nov.30th 2015

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D.O.G.S. recently released a demo version of their new song, "Falling Down (Suicide)". The song was written and recorded in 2012, after Shimpei joined the band.  "It's one of the first songs we jammed with Shimpei. He brought this riff to our rehearsal and we just played along to it, and it was done. It just clicked." Koji

Band never played it live, but had intended to record it for their new album, which was supposed to be held at SoundHouse studio in Seattle with producer Jack Endino just last month. "I really have a strong connection to this song, from the moment it was born...  It rarely happens that all the words and melodies come together on the very first time we jam, but it happened with this song. We thought this could be the last song of an album."

The recording session in Seattle had been cancelled due to the band being denied entry to the United States upon entering the country.  Band is currently back in Japan and taking time to find a solution to go back to US with a proper visa, although the clear plan is still in the mist.  "It's a huge hit for us, it's going to take some time to save up enough money just to apply for the visa, it's obviously a very, very hard road. but we are not giving up. We're already back in studio writing some new songs, at this moment that's all we can do...  To keep writing and keep recording demos ourselves, and try to figure out the way somehow."

Listen to another demo "Black Ocean".