Black Ocean (Demo)

Black Ocean (Demo)
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D.O.G.S. has just released a song "Black Ocean", a demo version of 2012 Over The Walls album outtake. 

The song is written by Koji Tamura, and was recorded in 2012, during the making of the second album, "Over The Walls".

This version of the song is going to be on our "Demo CDR", which will be presented to those who contributed to our fundraising campaign on IndieGoGo.

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"This song was meant to be on our second album, "Over The Walls". But for some reason we never got around to practice this song well enough, and it just ended up as it is, ended up as a demo with a drum machine. But I think it sounds great,  It's still one of my favorite. We may or may not be recording this one in Seattle with Jack Endino, but I'm hoping to. " - Koji

The song credit :
Koji Tamura - Guitar & Vocals, Drum machine
Katsumi Yokota - Guitar
Shimpei Nagashima - Bass

Copyright 2012/2015 Runawaydogs Music.

Stay tuned for another demo to be posted soon...